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    Since we are working online, making money online & living from our living rooms, We need to receive our earnings from various companies & online marketplaces & customers for which we work online and there are a few best companies that can help us to receive our those earnings from various websites & companies like Freelancing, Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks companies etc.


    Today I'm going to talk about Payoneer which is one of those companies which can help us withdraw our earnings from various marketplaces & companies and get paid by International clients & receive cross-border payments at a very low fees. Normally most of the users worry about the Payoneer Fees so I'd highly recommend you to take a look at the Fees Here to learn all about how much you'll be charged by Payoneer anytime you'll be making transactions either through your Payoneer account or the Payoneer MasterCard you'll be using.


    There are other companies as well but why I recommend Payoneer over others is that I have been using Payoneer for the last few years and I'm much happy with its service & that's why I recommend Payoneer over PayPal, Skrill and some other companies.


    Here're some Reasons Why I Recommend Payoneer.

    • Millions of customers use Payoneer & trust it.
    • The company was founded back in the 2000+,-.
    • There are no scam reports regarding Payoneer however you can take a look at the review here.
    • It lets you receive cross-border payments at very low cost that will help you save up to 71% of your transaction Fees.
    • Offers & provides you a free Payoneer MasterCard that can be used to withdraw funds from your Payoneer Account anywhere in the world through the MasterCard supported ATMs.
    • The reason I like Payoneer is that it lets you withdraw your funds from your Payoneer account directly to your Local Bank Account in your country which further helps you save a lot of transaction fees.
    • By using the Payoneer Global Payment Solution/Service, you can easily receive payments from US Bank Accounts.
    • Payoneer lets you receive payments in various currencies.
    So after all my recommendation & suggestion to you would be to opt for Payoneer or you can check this page here for more info on how to Sign UP for Payoneer, How to Earn a Free Payoneer Sign UP bonus and even how to get Payoneer account without any local bank account as nowadays Payoneer requires a new user to have a local bank account before he/she can actually create an account with Payoneer.
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